The Freelance Web Is Now Part of Minted Empire

Minted Empire, a website dedicated to helping others achieve their dream of earning an online living from blogging, has acquired the domain name (‘The Freelance Web’).

In addition, it should be noted that this is only an acquisition of the domain name, and not the brand ‘The Freelance Web’. The latter is owned by Sean Johnson, who ran a podcast show that is completely independent of Minted Empire and has nothing to do with the domain acquisition.

Earlier, the previous owner let the domain expire. Once that happened, any individual or business was permitted to register the domain name again.

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Minted Empire and The Freelance Web, are both known as thought leaders within the blogging and making money from freelancing online space.

The website has been redirected to Minted Empire to show that it is now part of the Minted Empire umbrella who may have involvement in podcasting in the future.

The domain acquisition raises awareness of the viability of freelancing, working from home and that blogging as a career can be a realistic goal for many.

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Minted Empire will continue providing resources for online freelancers who wish to escape the rat race of full time employment.