Blogging Income Report

If you’re thinking of starting a blog or niche website, you’re probably curious about how much it can potentially earn.

While every website is different, so too is every niche and site operator. The entire process of building a blog is incredibly nuanced.

There is NO framework that can guarantee absolute success, but this one mega course comes really close, in my opinion. I also recommend this course if you’re more intermediate to advanced.

With that said, I’ve created this blogging income report series to help track my personal journey. Your journey could be very different.

NOTE: This income report does NOT include any income from my Minted Empire brand (this blog, my newsletter, and my YouTube Channel). Minted Empire is something I do in my spare time, and any income I earn here usually ends up being reinvested into my niche sites.

Let’s dive in!

Overview of April 2023’s Performance

Disappointing performance overall due to falling ad rates despite increased traffic.

I am doing something about this and I’ll reveal more soon because I have a few tricks (long game) up my sleeve.

I did a MASSIVE content cull and have updated the posts published below. If you’ve been following previous income reports closely, you’ll notice the total post count has fallen. There was a lot of dead wood on two of the sites, so I got rid of it.

This content cull might warrant its own case study in the future, so watch this space.

Site Breakdown

This income report covers 6 4 websites because I sold 2 in early 2023.

I own many sites but I have 4 sites that I’m actively working on.

(If you don’t want to read the detailed breakdown for each site, you can skip ahead to the summary.)

Site 1: Performance Report

Started: June 2020

Niche: Hobby / Tech

Monetization: Display Ads (Ezoic) & Affiliate (mostly Amazon Associates)

MonthNew PostsTotal PostsPageviewsAds $Affiliate $Total $
Jun ’2011202–––
Jul ’20–1336–––
Aug ’204548–––
Sep ’20–522–––
Oct ’20–554–––
Nov ’2016254–––
Dec ’2017271–––
Jan ’21512434$1–$1
Feb ’21416536$3–$3
Mar ’216222,643$14$1$15
Apr ’216284,504$34$46$80
May ’218367,601$67$382$449
Jun ’213397,117$80$286$366
Jul ’21399,534$125$383$508
Aug ’2134212,903$148$394$542
Sep ’214215,336$175$406$581
Oct ’2134516,735$206$701$907
Nov ’21216619,458$346$376$722
Dec ’213410014,170$280$473$753
Jan ’221211212,713$173$210$383
Feb ’22 11210,899$137$348$485
Mar ’22 11213,587$154$516$670
Apr ’22411621,844$184$430$614
May ’222213829,626$305$347$652
Jun ’221615430,894$492$499$991
Jul ’22616039,760$546$830$1,376
Aug ’22516545,232$731$671$1,402
Sep ’22717243,012$917$609$1,526
Oct ’221018239,881$860$905$1,765
Nov ’22118335,150$985$1,130$2,116
Dec ’22 18337,227$720$1,465$2,186
Jan ’23318638,570$468$511$979
Feb ’23–18638,410$513$519$1,032
Mar ’23–18625,631$342$498$840
Apr ’233121725,989$241$433$674
Performance for Site #1

Site 2: Performance Report

Started: September 2020

Niche: Lifestyle

Monetization: Display Ads (Ezoic), Other Affiliate

MonthNew PostsTotal PostsPageviewsAds $Affiliate $Total $
Sep ’201010142–––
Oct ’20919571$1–$1
Nov ’2019466$4–$4
Dec ’2019542$9$5$14
Jan ’21221499$5$1$6
Feb ’21627513$5$4$9
Mar ’214311,627$7$1$8
Apr ’21312,492$12$32$44
May ’215363,690$41$67$108
Jun ’217433,938$53$63$116
Jul ’2111545,870$91$7$98
Aug ’211556,529$92$17$109
Sep ’21556,367$91$3$94
Oct ’21556,503$91$7$98
Nov ’21556,114$110$106$216
Dec ’21554,919$88–$88
Jan ’22556,618$110$36$146
Feb ’223586,473$90$35$125
Mar ’2216748,115$96$1$97
Apr ’227819,219$134$61$195
May ’2268713,639$223$33$256
Jun ’2289518,779$350$172$522
Jul ’22710221,624$354$96$450
Aug ’22110328,694$593$46$639
Sep ’22711035,042$1,043$40$1,083
Oct ’22911929,316$766$156$922
Nov ’22112017,316$477$119$597
Dec ’2212012,211$241$51$292
Jan ’2312015,514$266$13$279
Feb ’2312012,219$237$4$241
Mar ’2312016,223$333$12$345
Apr ’236518519,127$250$15$265
Performance for Site #2

During the month of April 2023, I moved this site to a brand new domain. I acquired a live aged domain and redirected it to an acquisition page.

It seems to have worked, indexing has happened super quick and traffic is holding strong. No drop during the move (which is unusual, normally you’d see a slight drop in a domain migration). Early days yet, let’s see what happens.

Also updated the site theme and made it look much more like a brand.

Site 3: SOLD!

Site 4: SOLD!

Site 5: Performance Report

Started: January 2022 (with some seed content posted during Summer 2021)

Niche: Home Living

Monetization: Display Ads (Ezoic) & affiliate

MonthNew PostsTotal PostsPageviewsAds $Affiliate $Total $
Summer ’21 28286,654 (July to Dec ’21)–––
Jan ’2222501,849–––
Feb ’22521022,178–––
Mar ’22161183,063–––
Apr ’2261244,559$91–$91
May ’22131375,704$154–$154
Jun ’22201577,469$244–$244
Jul ’221417112,675$348$56$404
Aug ’221418523,562$568$49$616
Sep ’222020524,240$766$49$815
Oct ’222523026,081$862$107$969
Nov ’22723724,027$926$8$934
Dec ’22223923,765$678$5$683
Jan ’23 23932,310$761$49$811
Feb ’23 23929,492$670$111$781
Mar ’23 23933,859$722$45$767
Apr ’231125033,935$567$69$636
Performance for Site #5

This is a fresh domain with a relevant aged-domain redirected to a relevant silo on the site.

Site 6: Performance Report

Started: September 2022

Niche: Not disclosed

Monetization: Affiliate

MonthNew PostsTotal PostsPageviewsAds $Affiliate $Total $
Sep ’2212129–––
Oct ’2271955–––
Nov ’221332139–––
Dec ’221749351–––
Jan ’2315641,752–$5$5
Feb ’237712,184–$8$8
Mar ’2317885,483–$49$49
Apr ’233111916,059–$138$138
Performance for Site #6

This is a fresh domain in a niche that I’m super passionate about. I’m very excited to see how far I can take this site.

This would also be a good website to start collecting email addresses and set up an auto-responder. I’m still considering doing this, but this recent email provider comparison from Jared at Weekend Growth got me thinking.

Income Summary

Overall Earnings This Month By Niche Site

  • Site 1: $674 ( previous month $840 )
  • Site 2: $265 ( previous month $345 )
  • Site 5: $636 ( previous month $767 )
  • Site 6: $138 ( previous month $49 )

Total Earnings From This Selection of Sites: $1,713 ( previous month $2,001 )

Niche Website Earnings by Source

  • Ezoic Display Ads: $1,058 ( previous month $1,398 )
  • Affiliate: $658 ( previous month $603)
April 2023 Niche Site Income Report ($1,713) 1
Ezoic display ad earnings for the month. (Hmm, what on earth happened to earnings at the end of the month?)


Running any website or blog involves having expenses. I could run extremely lean and just have my hosting costs if I wanted.

However, I’m playing the long game, and I don’t mind paying for tools/services that save me time and mental energy and make the blogging journey a little easier.

Breakdown of Expenses For This Month

Like many others in the industry, I don’t view content costs as an expense. Investing in good content is exactly that – an investment in the site. I’ll list my content costs separately below.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my running costs this month:

Content Investment

I’ve built my own team of freelance writers. I manage them via Trello & Slack. I pay a maximum of 3 cents per word for the content they produce.

Oh how things change! I have changed how I produce content. I bought a lifetime deal for KoalaWriter which does an amazing job at creating first draft AI-assisted content. Sadly, the lifetime deal is no longer running. Read my KoalaWriter review that I’m working on.

I pay an editor $8 per article to review the content produced by KoalaWriter. She fact-checks the content and adds some human personality to the content. We’re at the early stages of this new production workflow, I’ll keep you updated.

Content Investment in Current Month

  • Published a ton but my content writing cost was $0 thanks to the lifetime deal that I already availed of from KoalaWriter. This will provide 1,000,000 words per month if using GPT 3.5 or 200,000 words using GPT 4. That’s per month! Per life. Amazing deal.
  • $197 on ZimmWriter Lifetime deal. Another awesome first draft creator. Still testing, but it’s looking great so far.
  • My editor (human LOL) cost $520 this month.

That’s the end of the income report.

See you next month!

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