Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2021 Deals For Bloggers & Niche Website Builders

Building a blogging empire ain’t cheap, but thankfully there are plenty of great deals around at the moment.

I know you’re probably in a hurry to find out which Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals have caught my eye, so I’ll get straight to it.

But first, yes, the links below are affiliate links. However, rest assured I only include links to stuff that either: I use personally, or, I have it on good authority from friends that I trust that it’s worth it.

Let’s dive in.


‍🚀 Fast Hosting – Cloudways (40% OFF with promo code BFCM2021)

I have most of my sites hosted on Cloudways. It’s fast. Very fast. Grab this deal.

Offer: 40% OFF for the first 4 months

Promo Code: BFCM2021

Validity: From 23rd November till 1st December 2021

☀️ Beginner / Intermediate Hosting – SiteGround (Up to 80% OFF)

I like to keep a second hosting account for brand new sites and also as a backup, just in case!

Course Deals

🎓 Jon Dykstra’s Fat Stacks Bundle ($300 OFF)

In my Fat Stacks review, I’ve written about what I really think about Jon Dykstra’s blogging course. It’s good. You’ll like it. The bundle also includes access to the amazing community that I’m a part of.

I highly recommend it.

🌐 Mushfiq’s Course On Website Flipping ($150 OFF)

A decade of website flipping in a day with 6+ hours of videos, due diligence reviews, templates, and more! The course price will increase in December.

I haven’t gone through this course in detail. I will because it looks awesome. The outline tells me that the course is extremely comprehensive but the videos are short and succinct. From the videos I did watch, Mushfiq tells you the important things that you need to know to get the deal done.

📈 ($100 OFF)

I can’t say enough good things about this product. In one sentence: get this product for the ultimate blueprint to take your niche website to the next level in terms of monthly earnings. 120+ battle-tested tactics to 10X your site’s traffic and revenue. Join over 425+ people using this database today. Get this deal.

All of the tactics are from Mushfiq’s personal experience of having flipped almost 200 sites in his decade-long career. Mushfiq’s approach is highly strategic. He zones in on the 80/20 stuff to move that needle.

🌏 ($100 OFF)

45+ due diligence questions database and dashboard. This tool helps you structure your due diligence when buying sites. Get this deal.

I have it. I haven’t had a chance to go through it in great detail yet, but it’s on my list. I have done a first look and my first impression is that this is another quality product from Mushfiq. A must-have tool if you are looking to purchase a website. Or, if you plan to sell your site and want to get it ready for sale.

🌐 Skipblast Aged Domain Course (40% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY)

I’ve taken this course. Twice actually. It was that good. Shawna has been in the trenches building sites from aged domains and in this course, she tells you everything you need to know to get started. Get this deal.

40% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

🕸️ Skipblast Topic Clusters Course (40% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY)

I just purchased this course myself and I’m recommending it to you based on how impressed I was with her aged domain course. Building topic clusters (the right way), is a solid move that helps cement your SEO efforts. Get this deal.

40% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

☑ Stephen Hockman’s On Page SEO Course (50% OFF – with coupon BF2021)

Stephen is highly regarded within our community. He knows On-Page SEO inside out and if you’re new or intermediate to SEO, then you’re likely to benefit from taking this course. Grab this deal.

Keyword Research

👨‍🍳🔎 Keyword Tool – Keyword Chef (Double Credits FREE)

Keyword Chef is my go-to keyword tool. It saves me a ton of time because it quickly grabs the SERPs for each keyword and identifies which keywords are potentially easy targets. Get the deal.

​A Keyword Chef review from me is long overdue. I have no excuses – I’ll do it soon. What I do have is an action list of hundreds of good keywords that Ahrefs didn’t find when I dropped in various seed keywords.

Stock Photos

📸 Depositphotos (Lifetime Deal starting at $39)

For when I can’t find the “right” photo on Pixabay & Pexels, there’s a good chance I’ll find it on Depositphotos. I really regretted not getting this one last year but I fully stocked up this year. Get the deal.

WordPress Themes

🌐 WordPress Theme – GeneratePress (Up to $30 OFF)

I use the hugely popular Generate Press on many of my niche websites. The free version works well, but if you really want to customize the look and layout of your website, then you’ll need the premium version. Get this deal.

🍿 WordPress Theme – Popcorn (25% OFF)

Popcorn theme is another great WordPress theme built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. You can see it in action on my Minted Empire website. Just Google “Minted Empire” and you’ll find my site. Get this deal.

​I’m using Popcorn as the WordPress theme for this website. It’s reasonably fast and easy to set up.

It’s a great theme built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Here’s my Popcorn Theme review if you’d like to read my thoughts.

WordPress Plugins

🔗 Link Whisper ($30 OFF with coupon code “blackfriday”)

This is the plugin from Spencer Haws that I use to manage my internal links. Many SEOs, including myself, believe that internal links give a strong signal that can lead to a ranking boost in the SERPs. Get the deal.

You could build your internal links manually, BUT, if you have more than say 30 posts on your site, LinkWhisper will save you a LOT of time. It has a nice user interface and has worked flawlessly for me.

Important: Use discount code “BlackFriday” at checkout.

‍🚀 WP Rocket (30% OFF)

Quite simply one of the best caching plugins. I’ve been using WP Rocket since it launched. Pun intentional. Get this deal.

🔧 Perfmatters (30% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY)

I use Perfmatters to optimize the speed of some of my sites. It controls which scripts and CSS files should load on particular pages, categories or for which users. This and SO much more. Grab this deal.

🔢 RankMath Pro (Black Friday Sale!)

I use RankMath on all of my websites. I love how easy it is to create proper FAQ blocks with valid schema. This plugin is how I grab so many featured snippets across my niche websites. Get the deal.

Affiliate Tools

📊 AMZ Watcher (LIFETIME 30% OFF with voucher code BFCM21)

This Amazon affiliate tool should pay for itself quickly. I use it to scan my website and it highlights the various missed opportunities due to broken affiliate links or where I’m linking to out of stock products. It can even suggest alternative products that pay a higher commission rate than Amazon direct. Get this deal.

I’m glad I have this tool! While I’ve only just signed up, a site scan on one of my sites has found that 50% of my affiliate links to Amazon either don’t have my tracking ID or they link to products that are no longer in stock. This is hurting my affiliate revenue big time and now I can fix it!

DFY Sites and Aged Domain Deals

🌏 Aged / Expired Domains from ODYS Global (50% Cashback)

The ODYS Global Deal is 50% cashback to your ODYS balance for each domain you purchase. You can also grab 20% extra content for free if you choose the DFY website packages they now offer. Get the deal.

Aged and expired domains are all the rage at the moment. And here’s why. Starting a website on the right aged domain often significantly decreases the waiting period that it takes for a content site to start ranking.

I’ve made a few purchases from ODY Global already this year and most recently, I’ve taken advantage of this great offer. I purchased 3 additional domains. I do have a plan for each domain that I’ll share with you in the future.

👷 Done For You Websites – Niche Website Builders (15% – 20% OFF)

While I haven’t had a chance to personally try out the services from Niche Website Builders, I do know friends who have. Adam and Mark, the founders, are two well-respected guys who have many combined years industry experience. Grab the deals.

They are offering generous discounts:







​Miscellaneous Deals

📋 Grammarly Premium (55% OFF)

Grammarly rarely offer discount deals, so you should really grab this one while you can.

☀️ AppSumo Black Friday Deals (Expiring Soon!)

On this page, you’ll find the most popular (and soon expiring) Black Friday deals available. Many of them are lifetime deals. Check them out!

Black Friday Deals On Amazon

And finally, some of these deals from Amazon are awesome. You might be glad you clicked! No, I obviously don’t personally vet these Amazon deals. For this particular deal, please use your own gumption.

Did I Miss Any?

Oops, sorry if I missed any good Black Friday deals for web publishers or niche website builders. Let me know via Twitter.

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