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Let me take you back to 2020. Many of us will remember that year for very different reasons, but I remember it as the year when I finally got serious about building niche websites.

As part of my journey, I listened to many different podcasts in the space — Niche Pursuits, Doug Cunnington, Income School, Fat Stacks, and Emilia Gardener to name but a few. The idea was for me to immerse myself as deeply as I could into the world of building out niche websites.

My Review of EasyWins.io – 120+ Proven Strategies For Website Profit Growth

Jump to late 2020. This was when I first heard of Mushfiq from EasyWins. He appeared in an interview on the Niche Pursuits podcast.

In that interview, Mushfiq was so knowledgeable and open about the various techniques he uses to improve the monetization of websites. That interview blew my mind because nobody else I was listening to at the time shared the same level of value and expertise as Mushfiq was sharing.

When I learned that Mushfiq had a product, I had to find out more! Enter EasyWins.io.

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What is EasyWins.io?

EasyWins is a database of over 120 different tactics that are designed to increase the value of websites. The database is built in Airtable (which you don’t even need an account for).

Since about 2008, Mushfiq has personally used these tactics on almost 200 different websites that he has owned.

While there are many strings to Mushfiq’s bow, one of his favorite activities is to purchase under-valued websites, improve their earnings, and then later flip the site for a profit.

He talks about this, and so much more, in his excellent newsletter called The WebSite Flip. I highly recommend that you subscribe to it.

EasyWins.io Review 1
Here is a small sample from Easy Wins that shows a tiny subset from the large pool of optimizations.

Who is EasyWins.io ideal for?

Anybody who wants to increase the value of their website. In reality, this can mean any website owner from beginners to seasoned website flippers.

Given that this database of easy wins for increasing the valuation of websites is so thorough, it’s highly possible that even the most highly experienced website entrepreneurs may not have thought of everything.

When signing up for EasyWins.io, it’s possible to purchase a custom teardown video of your website. This is where Mushfiq will create a video containing his recommendations for easy wins that you can implement on your website.

I’ve started to implement some of Mushfiq’s Easy Wins on my niche websites. It’s early days yet, but when I have measurable results, I’ll do a case study and link to it from here.

NOTE: I haven’t implemented any of the Easy Wins tactics on this website (MintedEmpire) yet. But it’s definitely on my to-do list!

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Features & Benefits

By purchasing EasyWins, you receive lifetime access.

I’ve already mentioned how thorough the EasyWins.io database is, but let’s take a moment to look at the various categories that the tactics can be classified into:

  • Revenue
  • Traffic
  • On and Off-Page SEO
  • The Basics
  • Website Structure

The benefits of implementing EasyWins.io tactics will be fairly obvious to most. If you do things right, your monthly earnings should increase.

It follows that the overall valuation of your website should also increase.

A little caveat is required here. EasyWins.io is NOT a magic bullet plugin that you install on your website that allows you to sit back and watch the money roll in.

The best way to think of EasyWins.io is that it’s a blueprint for the financial success of your website. You will either have to implement the tactics and strategies yourself or outsource them to someone else.

While the potential earnings of your site could easily 10x from some of the suggestions, there will still be some level of effort required to achieve this.

Mushfiq has categorized all of the tactics by the potential impact that they are likely to have and also by the effort required.

This is in itself such a nice feature. Let me explain why.

Suppose you have a free afternoon which translates into having a couple of hours available to work on your website. You could easily filter by high impact and low effort to find a tactic or two to implement.

Depending on the scale, design, and architecture of your website, some implementations might only take a few minutes. Others will be longer and more involved.

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Filter by Potential Impact

Mushfiq has categorized each easy win tactic by potential impact. You can filter and sort as you please. For this EasyWins.io review, I thought it would be interesting to provide a quick breakdown based on the current 125 tactics.

  • 12% low impact
  • 16% medium impact
  • 18% high impact
  • 26% very high impact
  • 28% not rated

While classifying the various tactics can be subjective, I’ve reviewed many of these tactics and I believe Mushfiq’s ratings are spot-on for the most part.

Bear in mind that while I do have a general understanding of building websites, I would never class myself as an expert.

Filter by Effort

The 120+ website value-boosting strategies are also categorized by effort and you can easily filter down.

Here is how Mushfiq has broken down the effort required for each strategy. 1 star is for very little effort and 5 stars is likely to be considerable work.

  • 35% – 1 star – very little effort
  • 26% – 2 stars
  • 20% – 3 stars
  • 8% – 4 stars
  • 11% – 5 stars – considerable effort

I think when a combined 44% of the tactics are being classed as having either a high or very impact, and with 61% requiring minimal effort, it is fair to refer to the product as having genuine easy wins.

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What Do I Like?

First off, I like the visual presentation of the product. As mentioned above, it’s basically an Airtable database that looks very similar to a neatly presented Google Sheets spreadsheet.

EasyWins.io is very easy to use and of course, the tactics can be grouped/filtered by the level of effort required and also by the potential impact.

I like how Mushfiq has committed to updating the product over its lifetime.

As an owner of content websites, I also like how EasyWins.io is focused on this particular type of website instead of SAAS or eCommerce websites.

By content websites, I mean informational websites that are typically monetized by affiliate and display advertising. Yes, even pure Amazon-focused niche websites are included here.

I also like how Mushfiq stands over his product by offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

What Do I Dislike?

I had to think long and hard about this one. It’s honestly challenging to find flaws in this product.

I suppose one little thing does come to mind but it’s highly subjective. Perhaps a lite version aimed at beginners could be offered at a lower price point?

I have recommended this product to some beginner blogger friends of mine and they are uncomfortable spending any money until their website can cover the cost of purchases.

To be fair, that reflects more on their own lack of faith to invest in themselves rather than as a negative on this product.

I can’t think of any substantial negatives for EasyWins.io.

EasyWins.io Review 2
EasyWins.io pricing as at 20/9/2021.

How To Use EasyWins

Mushfiq recommends that the fastest way to move the needle with EasyWins is to prioritize the steps you’ll take in the order of highest priority.

Doing so will highlight the wins that can potentially have the highest financial impact.

Choose a number of the tactics that you can implement within a reasonable timeframe.

Analyze your traffic, conversion rates, and revenue over time to assess the impact of your implementations.

Here is a short review video of EasyWins.io I made to accompany this blog post:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who developed EasyWins.io?

Mushfiq from TheWebsiteFlip developed EasyWins.io. He is a very experienced flipper of websites and is a recognized seller on Flippa. Mushfiq also has a number of other products that I plan to review in the near future.

Is EasyWins guaranteed to increase website earnings?

No. However, it will guide you towards proven best practices that, with a bit of effort, will significantly increase your chances of increasing your website earnings. Also, like with most things to do with content websites, the implementations and tweaks will take some time to materialize.

Can beginners use EasyWins?

Yes. Many of the tactics outlined are very simple and easy to implement. However, beginners also have the option of outsourcing more advanced techniques. Done right, that is likely to yield a positive return on investment.

Can advanced niche website builders benefit from EasyWins?

Yes. Some of the techniques require a certain level of skill to implement. Also, the database serves as a very useful checklist of easy wins that will be helpful to any niche website builder regardless of skill level.

Can EasyWins be Downloaded?

Easywins.io is a cloud-based product that uses the free Airtable platform. No, it cannot be downloaded separately because it isn’t a document, PDF, or executable file. It is possible to save your own copy of the Easywins.io tables within your own Airtable account but you might not receive future updates if you are not using the live version.

Will EasyWins be updated in the future? How often is it updated?

Mushfiq has committed to updating the database of Easy Wins regularly. On the website’s FAQ section, it says the product will be updated monthly. In the time since I’ve owned Easywins.io, I can confirm that updates have been made.

Where can I get EasyWins.io?

Easy Wins can be purchased from the official website here.

What’s the refund policy for EasyWins.io?

Yes, there is a no-questions-asked refund policy. The Easywins.io website states that a customer can reach out via their contact page for a full refund if they believe they did not find real value from the product.

My Verdict – EasyWins.io Review

The bottom line or TLDR for this EasyWins.io Review is that I believe most content website owners should own the product if they are serious about increasing their monthly earnings.

Same holds true for website owners who want to eventually sell their website for a higher multiple and thus a higher valuation. EasyWins.io will guide site owners in the right direction in terms of achieving this goal.

I personally believe EasyWins.io is good value for money and the price point is right for me. I know I’ll make the money back in very little time if I implement the tactics on my websites that currently have traffic and earn money.

Overall, I highly recommend the EasyWins.io product.

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