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Ezoic Premium Review

In 2010, Ezoic was founded to help publishers generate more revenue and improve their websites’ user experience.

Ezoic believes that user experience and ad earnings are directly correlated – if publishers can truly improve visitor experiences, they will be able to earn more revenue.

Ezoic was born out of this concept and has grown into a complete platform for publishers. With customers around the world, Ezoic offers solutions like Ezoic Premium for publishers after they reach a certain level of traffic.

Ezoic was the first solution in the industry to integrate AI and machine learning into its products and features.

Over the past ten years, Ezoic has honed the best-in-class technology to enhance user experience. They’ve designed solutions that empower publishers to manage their revenue and built a team that knows what it takes to help publishers succeed and grow.

Ezoic reached 1.03 billion unique monthly visits in 2021 from its collective customer base – a landmark for the company and its customers.

Coming soon, this will be a comprehensive Ezoic Premium review.

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