What Is The Preferred Associates Store ID?

If you are trying to configure an application that requires your Amazon Associates API credentials, you might be asked for your ‘Preferred Associates Store ID.’

After scratching your head for a while, you might think this is something additional besides your access key for the Product Advertising API (PA API).

But fear not, it’s actually much simpler than that.

So, what is the Preferred Associates Store ID? Your Preferred Associate ID is simply your Amazon tracking ID. It will end in ‘-20’ if you’re a member of Amazon’s US Affiliate Associate Program.

Usually, people tend to choose a short version of their website name or their business name as part of their associate store ID.

To earn commissions when recommending an Amazon product, your Associate Store ID needs to be referenced in your Amazon affiliate link. This enables Amazon to accurately track and record your commissions.

There are no restrictions on what you choose as your store name as long as you don’t infringe on any of Amazon’s terms of service.

How To Get A Preferred Associates Store ID

Are you interested in learning more about the Amazon affiliate program? Click here for the Amazon Associates homepage.

As an Amazon Associate, you will place your tracking ID within the affiliate link you create to promote products within your website blog post, Facebook group, YouTube channel video descriptions, or other social media posts.

Be careful to closely follow Amazon’s terms of service, otherwise, you will find yourself removed from their program and your Amazon Affiliate account might be terminated. For example, you can’t include Amazon affiliate links with your tracking ID within your email marketing and popups on your website.

If you encounter an Amazon API 429 too many requests error, clicking that link will help you to resolve that.

It’s the affiliate marketer who focuses on creating quality content who will have the most long term success with the Associates program.

Affiliate marketing via Amazon used to be more lucrative before they kept reducing their commission rates.

Wrapping up, remember, when you’re asked for the preferred associates store ID, it’s simply just your Amazon Associates ID that you tag within your product link.

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